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AirLink Ambulance, established in 1998, is the leader in air ambulance evacuations in Mexico, Central and South America. Being the only EURAMI “Special Care” accredited air ambulance company in this zone, we are chosen as preferred provider for insurance and assistance companies, embassies and cruise lines worldwide. Our aircraft are fully equipped intensive care units and all medical staff and equipment are customized to the patient’s particular needs. Working closely with local and inter national authorities, AirLink Ambulance goes where others don´t: we often fly to the most challenging or remote areas in Latin America. With 65 medical and aviation professionals, we have been recognized in numerous testimonials for our compassionate and high-quality medical care. We are proud to also provide highly specialized neonatal and burn victim transportations

AirLink Ambulance is EURAMI “Special Care” accredited. This prestigious designation certifies AirLink Ambulance as Latin America’s first air ambulance company accredited by the European Air Medical Institute (EURAMI). The EURAMI accreditation confirms that AirLink Ambulance has a high level of safety and quality in terms of capabilities, medical management and qualifications, aircraft configuration and equipment, operational issues, communications, management policies and quality management. Additionally, it recognized AirLink Ambulance’ highly specialized Neonatal Service

By placing one call or email to our bilingual flight coordinators you will gain access to a fully coordinated, seamless, bed-to-bed air medical evacuation

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Air Ambulance

AirLink Ambulance provides highly specialized air medical transport from Latin America and the Caribbean to anywhere in the world.


Medical Escort

Our medical staff picks the patient up at home or meets at the airport and accompanies the patient on a commercial flight. Our medical staff will deliver the patient to the destination selected by the patient providing the necessary medical support all along the way.

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