Do you fly patients with confirmed COVID-19?

Yes, AirLink transports patients with a confirmed COVID-19 infection. A specialized isolation pod is used to ensure safe transportation of the patient, and to minimize the infection risk for the medical crew and pilots. Our crew wears full protective gear during the full duration of the transportation. AirLink has performed flights with confirmed COVID-19 infected patients since the beginning of the pandemic in 2020, and has lots of experience transporting these patients.

What does a ‘ bed-to-bed-service’ mean?

We pick up the patient in the current hospital with our medical team. This team accompanies the patient all the way to the new hospital or caretaking facility at the final destination. We bring the patient from ‘bed’ to ‘bed’. It also means we can arrange bed admissions in hospitals when needed.

Can I accompany my family member/patient on the flight?

Yes, in most cases we can allow at least 1 family member to be on the air ambulance flight, free of charge. Please notify us of this request when you contact us.

How much luggage can I take on the air ambulance flight?

In general, we can allow 1 carry-on per person on the flight, which is free of charge. Please let us know if you need to take more luggage, then we will see what we can accommodate. Remaining luggage has to be shipped separately.

How do I arrange an air ambulance?

Here you can find all the steps you need to take to arrange an air ambulance. In summary, once you have accepted our quote, we organize everything, from the pick up of the patient, to the safe delivery at the new hospital.

Do you operate rescue services (helicopters)?

An air ambulance is not the same as a rescue service. A rescue service is called upon after a severe accident, to transport the patient from the scene of the accident to the hospital. An air ambulance can be used afterwards, once the patient is submitted to the hospital and stable enough to fly home/ to another hospital by air ambulance.

Where do you fly to?

AirLink is based in Mexico, and operates air ambulance services within the whole American continent. We often pick up patients in South and Central America, and deliver them at a hospital in the United States or Canada. Our main business is focused on the American continent, but we are able to offer services worldwide. We have transported patients from South America to, Japan, China and Europe. We also offer our medical escort service worldwide. If you are doubting whether or not we can accommodate your request or desired route, please contact us here.

What type of patients can fly with you?

We transport patients with almost any medical condition, who are fit to fly. We do have restrictions for women in active labor, or patients with a balloon pump.

What does an air ambulance cost?

The cost of an air ambulance is based on multiple factors, such as the type or aircraft, type of medical team, route, fuel price etc. Because the prices vary that much, it’s difficult to give an estimate cost. An air ambulance from Peru to the United States has a different cost than an air ambulance from Cancun to Mexico City. Please don’t hesitate to ask us for a quote to give you accurate information on the costs. Requesting a quote is free of charge.

Will my insurance cover an air ambulance?

In many cases, air ambulances are covered by insurance. If you are unsure if your, or the patient´s insurance covers an air ambulance, we can help you find the answer. Since we have lots of experiences with many insurances worldwide, we can usually indicate if you will be (partly) covered, or will be able to help you find out.

How do I pay for an air ambulance?

If the air ambulance is covered by your insurance, we will arrange payments directly with the insurer. If you pay directly for an air ambulance, we accept all major credit cards and wire transfers as a form of payment.

What is the difference between a Standard and Full Team?

A standard team consists of 1 doctor and 1 paramedic. A full team exists of 1 doctor and 1 paramedic + 1 additional doctor/paramedic/specialist/respiratory therapist. We will always send a Standard Team of 1 paramedic and 1 doctor, and depending on the patient’s condition, a Full Team may be required.

Why don’t you work with nurses?

Due to the level of training of medical personnel in Mexico, we only work with doctors and paramedics, to ensure the highest level of medical care.