Air Ambulance

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Experts in flying COVID patients

Air ambulance services are for patients who are not well enough to travel on a commercial flight, but do need to return to their country, or a more adequate medical facility.

What’s included?

Air ambulance transportation

Arranging an air ambulance

Are you a family member looking for more information on how to arrange an air ambulance? Here you can read about the process and steps on how to arrange an air ambulance service with AirLink.

Any type of medical condition

In addition to providing excellent air ambulance service for critical patients suffering from almost any kind of medical condition, AirLink Ambulance is proud to be an expert in highly specialized services such as the flying of burn victims, COVID-19, ECMO, Pediatric and Neonatal patients.

Air ambulance services worldwide

AirLink is based in Mexico and performs air medical flights across the globe, with a focus on Latin America, United States and Canada. By operating from a geographically central country like Mexico, we are often able to offer the fastest and most cost-effective option. Our continuous services allow us to be price competitive from the Caribbean, Central and South America; our airplanes are flying there frequently.

Safety first

With the most experienced and respected medical teams in the industry, we have been recognized internationally for our compassionate and high-quality care. Our medical team and pilots receive continuous training to ensure safety during all medical flights. Chosen as a preferred provider for embassies, cruise lines and major insurance companies, we have successfully completed over 3000 missions.


For patients with almost any type of condition


Accompanies a patient on a commercial flight


PCR, antigen and antibody COVID-19 testing in Guadalajara and Mexico City


Any advice or medical assistance in the Americas