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If you are a family member of a patient seeking air ambulance transportation, this is probably one of the most stressful situations you can find yourself in. In a very short time you have to familiarize yourself with air ambulance services, trustworthy providers, costs, insurances, and most importantly; how to get your loved one home safely?
At AirLink Ambulance we understand these concerns like no other and we will do everything we can to take your stress away. For the past 20 years, we are in contact with family members on a daily base, to ensure a smooth transportation from start to end. With patience and devotion, we will answer any question you might have, free of cost. Please contact us here to inquire about our service, and check the frequently asked questions here.

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How to organize an air ambulance?




Contact us for a quote of the desired flight route, free of charge.  You can reach us 24/7 by phone or email here.

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We will send you a quote for the required route and earliest availability. Our quotes are all inclusive, which means it includes ground ambulances at the current location of the patient and the destination.
The quote is put together based on different factors, such as flight hours, and type of medical professionals that need to accompany the patient on the flight.
We will always send a Standard Team of 1 paramedic and 1 doctor and depending on the patient’s condition add a respiratory therapist or specialist (Full Team). Depending on the medical needs of the patients and the plane used, at least 1 family member can accompany the patient without extra cost. Usually, we can organize a transportation within hours.

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Once the quote gets accepted, we will confirm the payment method. We accept are mayor credit cards and wire transfers. We have lots of experience advising patients and family on the insurance coverage and payments for air ambulance missions. If you have any questions about this subject, please contact us.

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Once the flight is confirmed, will start organizing the mission, starting with organizing bed admission at the destined hospital. We will contact the treating physician and organize a conference call between our medical team. We will keep you informed of the itinerary at all times, especially if you are accompanying the patient on the flight.

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Our aircraft, equipped as an intensive care unit, is flown to the closest airport near the patient’s hospital. A ground ambulance will take our medical team to the hospital to prepare the patient for transportation. This is done in accordance with the treating physician. Most importantly, it will be double checked if the patient is fit to fly. The patient and companion will be moved by ground ambulance to the airport, and carefully loaded onto the aircraft. During the flight, our operations team stays in close contact with the onboard doctors, to continuously update the patient’s condition to the family members, destination hospital and/or insurance.

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The patient is flown to the most convenient airport near to the final destination where a ground ambulance is waiting to bring the patient, companion and medical crew to the hospital for medical delivery. Our medical crew will hand over the patient to the treating nurse or physician of the hospital.

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After the patient has been delivered safely to the hospital at the destination, the medical crew and pilots will perform a debrief of the mission. Quality is extremely important to us. Therefore we have implemented a Quality Control Program to obtain feedback of our clients, patients and possible companions.


Our fulltime medical team and pilots receive continuous training to ensure the best medical care and safest air ambulance transportation possible to all of our patients. Here, you can read more about our doctor’s qualifications and the medical equipment used on flights. Check our testimonials on the home page to read opinions from customers all over the world who have used our services. AirLink has been known in the air ambulance industry for over 20 years, and undergoes a thorough accreditation process with The European Aeromedical Institute (EURAMI) every 3 years. Our flight safety is continuously checked by ARGUS.

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The European Aeromedical Institute (EURAMI) is a renowned indicator for quality, safety and excellence in aeromedical transportation. AirLink has been continuously accredited since year 2010 for Regional Fixed Wing Air Ambulance, Long Range/Intercontinental Wing Air Ambulance, with special endorsements for Adult Critical Care and Pediatric Critical Care. The EURAMI accreditation ensures that all required licenses are in place, and that the flight and medical crew are well trained to operate air ambulance missions.

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AirLink is the only accredited service provider for air ambulance services in Mexico for the International Assistance Group. This worldwide alliance based in Europe was founded to connect all high-quality assistance and air ambulance services around the world. Through this global network of high-end service partners, AirLink affiliates with the top assistance companies in the Americas, Europe, and the rest of the world.