This November 16th, as part of our ongoing 25th-anniversary celebrations, AirLink proudly conducted its annual Ditching Simulacrum. This event is not just a demonstration of our unwavering commitment to safety but also a celebration of our quarter-century journey in providing top-tier air ambulance services.

The Ditching Simulacrum is an intensive exercise designed to simulate emergency water landing scenarios. Our crew members, including pilots and medical staff, underwent a series of demanding training exercises that mimic real-life emergency situations. These simulations are vital for preparing our team for any unforeseen circumstances, ensuring the utmost safety for our patients and crew during actual missions.

This year’s event was particularly special as it marked 25 years of relentless service in the air ambulance industry. Over these years, AirLink has not only expanded its fleet and service areas but also continuously upgraded its safety protocols and training programs to meet the highest international standards.

The day-long event featured a series of activities, including theoretical briefings, hands-on practice of water evacuation techniques, and the use of safety equipment in simulated emergency conditions. Our dedicated team demonstrated remarkable skill and precision, reflecting the high standards of training that AirLink is known for.

As we look back on 25 years of lifesaving journeys, the Ditching Simulacrum stands as a poignant reminder of our ongoing dedication to the safety and well-being of our patients and crew. At AirLink, we believe in constant improvement and innovation, and this event is a cornerstone of our extensive training program. Here’s to many more years of setting the benchmark in air ambulance safety!