Being a trusted provider based out of Guadalajara, we often receive questions about the safety, security, and business ethics of our operational zone. We are aware of the repetitive challenging issues and several doubtful industry players in Mexico. Their actions affect all of us. For years now, we have been advocating against these practices. We are trying to help clients and business partners by sharing experiences and focusing on the many organizations and individuals in Mexico who do exceptionally good work instead. As part of this effort, we also want to be as transparent as possible about our own way of working. We would hereby like to share that, in addition to our EURAMI recertification, AirLink is now also Tcertified

This means we have voluntarily completed a comprehensive due diligence process administered by Tcompliance, a third-party US risk management organization. This widely recognized designation signals our commitment to ensure commercial transparency. Tcertifications investigates and reports on possible penalties, felonies, criminal acts, and bankruptcy, business registrations, code of conduct addressing bribery, identification, and background of directors and key employees, litigation, and adverse media, among many other things. The successful completion of Tcertification demonstrates a commitment to commercial transparency, allowing AirLink to serve as a valued business partner. Working transparently with good business ethics is as important as maintaining our aircraft and employing highly qualified pilots and medical crew.

The certification and entire report are available upon request.

Read more about TCompliance here.